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Begonia "Dragon Wing Red"

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Tags: rabbit resistant, shade tolerant

Upright growth habit, reaches 15-18" tall. Red flowers. Large, wing-shaped leaves. Good in containers and beds in shade or part-sun. Begonias are more drought tolerant than most other shade annuals. Soil should dry a little between waterings. (Excessively soggy soil can result in root or stem rot.) Few annuals are easier to grow than begonias, no deadheading required.

We often hear people complain that they can't grow the annuals they love because they don't have enough sun. Not us! When it gets hot in the summer, we love hanging out in our cool shade garden, and Dragon Wing begonias are one of our favorites. We couldn't imagine summer without them. As the season progresses, Dragon Wing begonias become big and lush. They are always covered with flowers. We love ours so much that we dig them up in the fall and keep them inside over the winter.