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Dahlia, "Dahlina Grande"

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"Dahlina Grande" is a series of dahlias with a vigorous growth habit. Plants reach 15-18" tall and wide. Very large flowers are 3-4" across. Blooms from spring until frost. Excellent plant for containers, but also good in beds.

Dahlias perform best in full sun and with consistent watering. Good drainage is necessary, and it is advisable to let soil dry a little between waterings. Deadhead regularly for continued flowering. Good air circulation is helpful for avoiding mildew on the leaves. We rejuvenate our dahlias by cutting them back 2-3 times during the year.

Though most people grow dahlias as an annual, it is actually a tender perennial. It is possible to dig the roots in the fall, store them inside, and pot them up again in the spring. Instructions for this are readily available online for people who don't mind the extra effort.