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3 gal. Huron
3 gal. Legacy
1 gal. Bluejay
1 gal. Blueray
1 gal Patriot
3 gal. Berkeley
3 gal. Bluejay
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Blueberries are our #1 recommendation when people ask for fruit-bearing plants. They are one of the easiest fruit-bearing plants to grow. They fit easily into ornamental landscapes, and they are natives. Most of our varieties grow about 4-6’ tall and wide. All are reliably winter-hardy. Our blueberry varieties are generally considered self-pollinating, but planting more than one variety will increase pollination and yield. Birds and other creatures love blueberries, so be prepared to either let them eat or take some protective steps (such as netting) to keep the fruit for yourself. 

Varieties we carry:

Huron: Medium-sized fruit. Grows 4-5' tall x 3-4' wide.

Legacy: Medium-sized fruit. Grows 4-5' tall x 3-4' wide. 

Berkeley: Very large fruit. Grows 4-6' tall and wide.

Bluejay: Medium-large fruit. Grows 4-6’ tall and wide.

Blueray: Extra large fruit. Grows 4-6’ tall and wide; spreading habit

Patriot: Large fruit. Grows 3-4' tall and wide; open, spreading habit. 

There isn't a big difference among these varieties. There are minor differences in plant size and habit and in fruit size. The main reason we carry multiple varieties is so gardeners can plant more than one variety, a practice that increases fruit production.

Available in 1 gallon and 3 gallon pots. Both sizes are mature enough to produce fruit this year.