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Dogwood, Kousa "Samaritan"

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The Samaritan Dogwood is a very pretty, disease-resistant Kousa cultivar with variegated green and cream white leaves in the summer. Like other Kousa dogwoods, Samaritan has white flowers in late spring, followed by bright red fruit in late summer. These fruit, against the variegated foliage, are very showy. The fall leaf color is a radiant combination of pink and burgundy. Samaritan grows a little slower than other Kousa dogwoods, eventually reaching 15-20' tall and wide. Can handle full sun, but appreciates a little shade in the afternoon. Dogwoods thrive at the edge of a wooded area where they get sun for part of the day and some shade from nearby trees. This is where Samaritan really shines--the brightly variegated foliage contrasts beautifully against the darker greens of a wooded background. Requires moist soil--keep this tree well watered during hot, dry periods.