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Fuchsia "Swingtime"

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Tags: attracts hummingbirds, hanging basket, shade tolerant

Swingtime flowers have rich red sepals (the outer shell) and white corollas (the center part). 

Fuchsia is one of our favorite flowering plants for a hanging basket. We love watching the hummingbirds make their rounds of the fuchsias here in the nursery. The plant is shade tolerant, thriving in conditions from shade to part sun. Protection from hot mid-day/afternoon sun is ideal. If deadheaded regularly, fuchsia will flower reliably from spring all the way into fall. Don't let seed pods ripen on the plant--remove them as soon as the petals drop off. We deadhead every time we water.

Fuchsia likes to be consistently moist but not soggy. Feed regularly with a liquid or slow release fertilizer. Trim back long stems occasionally to rejuvenate growth and reduce legginess.