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New Guinea Impatiens "Sunpatiens"

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Tags: shade tolerant

Sunpatiens is a relatively new series of New Guinea impatiens that outperforms traditional varieties in two important ways:

1) They have better tolerance for full sun; in fact, they thrive in full sun. (They are happy in part shade as well.)

2) Their sturdy stems and tough foliage are more tolerant of heat, humidity, rain, and adverse weather conditions. 

Sunpatiens is one of the best choices for a mixed sun environment where there is considerable shade but periods of hot mid-day or afternoon sun that could scorch other shade-loving plants.

Plants feature lush, tropical-looking foliage and a mass of flowers all season with no deadheading required. Keep soil moist but not soggy; let top of soil dry just a bit between waterings. Grows about 15" tall.

Performs equally well in containers and beds.