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Petunia Hanging Basket

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Wave petunias have a nice cascading habit with big, trumped shaped flowers in vibrant colors. Petunias provide some of the most vibrant colors available in hanging baskets. They do best with full sun (min. of 4-5 hours) and consistent watering. Feed with a liquid or slow release fertilizer.

Deadheading is not required to keep wave petunias blooming, although occasional deadheading will keep the plant looking clean and producing a greater number of blooms. 

Pro tip: Every week or so, pick out the longest stem (or two) in the basket and trim it back so it's just a few inches long. This will encourage new growth and new flowers. Slow down or speed up the trimming depending on the plant's rate of growth. Occasional staggered trimming like this will keep the plant compact, full, and colorful all season.